Accepted Full Papers

  ‘Precision Health’: Balancing Reactive Care and Proactive Care through the Evidence Based
  Knowledge Graph Constructed from Real-World Electronic Health Records, Disease Trajectories,
  Diseasome, and Patholome

    Asoke Talukder, Julio Bonis Sanz and Jahnavi Samajpati

  Study and Understanding the Significance of Multilayer ELM Feature Space

    Dr. Rajendra Kumar Roul and Dr. Jajati Keshari Sahoo

  Spectral Learning of Semantic Units in a Sentence Pair to Evaluate Semantic Textual Similarity

    Akanksha Mehndiratta and Krishna Asawa

  OWI: Open-world Intent Identification framework for Dialog Based System

    Jitendra Parmar, Sanskar Soni and Satyendra Singh Chouhan

  Recommending Question-Answers for enriching Textbooks

    Shobhan Kumar and Arun Chauhan

  Architectural Patterns for Integrating Data Lakes into Data Warehouse Architectures

    Olaf Herden

  A Revenue-based Product Placement Framework to Improve Diversity in Retail Businesses

    Pooja Gaur, P. Krishna Reddy, M. Kumara Swamy and Anirban Mondal

  i-Fence: A Spatio-Temporal Context-Aware Geofencing Framework for Triggering Impulse

    Jaiteg Singh, Amit Mittal, Ruchi Mittal, Karmjeet Singh and Varun Malik

  A Transfer Learning Approach to Classify the Brain Age from MRI Images

    Animesh Kumar, Pramod Pathak and Paul Stynes

  Prediction for the Second Wave of COVID-19 in India

    Shweta Thakur, Dhaval K. Patel, Brijesh Soni, Mehul Raval and Sanjay Chaudhary

  Texture Feature Extraction: Impact of Variants on Performance of Machine Learning Classifiers:
  Study on Chest X-ray – Pneumonia Images

    Anamika Gupta, Anshuman Gupta, Vaishnavi Verma, Aayush Khattar and Devansh Sharma

Accepted Short Papers

  Classification of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia using Quadratic Discriminant Analysis (QDA)

    Sunita Chand and Virendra P. Vishwakarma

  Face Mask Detection using Transfer Learning of InceptionV3

    G. Jignesh Chowdary, Narinder Singh Punn, Sanjay Kumar Sonbhadra and Sonali Agarwal

  Analysis of GPS trajectories mapping on shape files using spatial computing approaches

    Saravjeet Singh and Jaiteg Singh

  Authorship Identification using Stylometry and Document Fingerprinting

    Shubam Yadav, Santosh Singh Rathore and Satyendra Singh Chouhan